Ask A Realtor


BY July 31, 2019
Jeff Jaarda, broker associate with John R. Wood Properties, answers your burning real estate questions.


What are some top things to consider when buying a second home in Southwest Florida?


“When buying a second home, or any home for that matter, focus on what kind of lifestyle any particular community offers you. This is an amenity-rich area. Our various communities and neighborhoods offer differing golf, tennis, fitness and activity packages. The communities vary in terms of proximity to the beaches, shopping, dining, art, charitable endeavors and airports, which is helpful depending on how frequently you travel in and out of town. For the most part, once you have determined which part of town you wish to reside in, or which communities might be a good fit for you, we can typically find you a housing solution that will satisfy your needs and wants.”


What’s your best tip for negotiating repairs after a home inspection?


“As with all negotiations, have a plan and baseline understanding of the situation in advance. What are the circumstances of the other party involved? If the seller doesn’t want to hassle with the property, you may be able to obtain a dollar credit in lieu of them remedying items in disrepair. If this is the case, negotiate credit and then see to it that things are done properly to your liking once you own the property. If you secure credit, you should be compensated for your time taking on the responsibility to remedy the matter. If you are dealing with a seller who agrees to make necessary repairs, hold them to it. Ensure the items have been remedied properly with your walkthrough prior to closing. Your purchase agreement defines what a seller is required to repair and remedy, and the negotiation should go from there.”


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