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One of Naples' most renowned galleries moves into a new 3,000-square-foot space.

BY September 30, 2019

Nancy Winch has always stocked an ample collection for art aficionados. When she first set up Gardner Gallery in 1998, she had to take up two showrooms on either side of Broad Street. Originally planned as a secondary outpost for Winch’s Martha’s Vineyard gallery, the two Gardner locations have continued to expand along with the city’s growing interest in art. “The art scene in Naples is evolving for the better,” Winch says. “For such a small city, Naples offers a lot in terms of visual arts.” This month, Winch moves into a fab, 3,000-square-foot space on the north side of Broad Avenue. “We completely renovated the building, opened up the space, added more windows and made the existing windows larger,” she says. All the better to scope the more than 50 artists she stocks like Ken Otsuka and Anna Kincaide (whose “Searching for Paradise” painting is pictured above). In its 25th year, the gallery’s focus remains on contemporary realist and impressionist art, but Gardner will continue to push the envelope and introduce patrons to new artists like its always done. “We pride ourselves in identifying new artists each season, not only to keep the look fresh but to introduce our clients to art and art forms they may have never considered,” Winch adds. 

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