Courtesy Dominic Lacquaniti/ Mark Poucher

Art of Style

Strong Suit

Dominic Lacquaniti sets a new standard for menswear through his Naples atelier that turns shopping into a refined experience.

Going into D. Lacquaniti Bespoke is an immersive experience. When you arrive, you’re greeted by Alexander von Kreuzberg, the shop's Swedish concierge, who is always dressed to the nines with a silk ascot, vest and stacks of jewelry. If you’ve been to the shop before, he’ll greet you by name, and whether it’s your first or 10th visit, he’ll make you feel like royalty. At some point, you’ll meet Teddy Dobos, from Hungary, and the Albanian-born Ornella Cipi—the two sewers who stitch every piece that comes out of the shop. Nicholas Swacyra might pop into the frame, too. The bright, 25-year-old moved to Florida from Chicago for the sole purpose of apprenticing under Dominic Lacquaniti—the 45-year-old tailor who serves as the connective thread for the multicultural cast of characters that make up this Naples atelier. The future of in-person shopping in the face of a pandemic is uncertain. Even before the pandemic, brick-and-mortar stores were already struggling to compete with online retail. In an age where shoppers can buy anything with a few deft touches on their smartphones, a store has to offer more than merch to stand out—there has to be heart behind the operation. In the local menswear space, Lacquaniti is forging the new path in shopp
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