Cupboards with Character

BY July 1, 2020

Looking for an easy home upgrade? Allow yourself to use paint color strategically. Colored cabinetry, for example, adds tons of character to a kitchen. “Countertops have gotten away from earth tones,” says Andy Davis of Cape Coral-based Classic Kitchens & Remodeling. “Blues are really starting to pop up.”

The color works well in waterfront residences and coastal-contemporary styles, and its many variations can also mesh with different designs—think of a smoky French blue for a farmhouse modern home or deep teal for a hip, minimalistic kitchen. 

Want to stick to neutrals, but make it more interesting? Gray is majorly in demand, too, Davis says: “Gray is kind of like white, where there are thousands of shades.” 

Thankfully, you needn’t spend much to reimagine your cabinets. If the shade you want is part of a supplier’s color line, it won’t cost more for them to produce. If not? “For a custom color, it’s probably about a 15% upgrade,” Davis explains.  

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