Photography by Brian Tietz

Art of Style

Threads in Time

Vintage clothing is having a moment, and Audrey's of Naples is a treasure trove for in-the-know shoppers looking for collectors' items and throwback designer pieces. 

Clothing tells a story. Whether it’s about the person who designed it; the one who bought it, wore it or gifted it; or even the place where it was worn (a fabulous gala, a wedding, a first date)—pieces carry the magical energy of where they’ve been.  That’s part of the appeal for vintage lovers like myself, and it’s what’s transmitted at Audrey’s of Naples, a consignment and vintage clothing boutique on Fifth Avenue North. I discovered Audrey’s during a visit to my family’s home in Naples. I had recently started a new job at British Vogue, and shopping for workwear had become both uninspiring and expensive. On that first visit to the shop, I walked out with a 1970s, white embroidered cotton dress with lace trim. It was in pristine condition. When I later wore it, paired with Prada platform sandals, on a hot September day back in London, I was delighted by the compliments from people on the street, in the shops and at Vogue House, headquarters for Condé Nast in London. My dress stood out among the masses with its delicate floral embroidery and three-quarter length bell sleeves. Stylish shoppers are getting increasingly smart to the idea of buying vintage. Quenby Tyler, who has b
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