This month, we recognize four individuals who put something extra into the causes they support. Whether they offer funding, resources, time or influence, these power philanthropists demonstrate the many different ways one person can make a real and lasting impact. Here, each one tells us in their own words why they give.   Jennifer Parisi, who serves as secretary for Lee Health Foundation’s board of trustees, has been instrumental in growing Kids' Minds Matter, an initiative to strengthen pediatric mental health services in the region. Addressing children's wellness from various angles, she's also working on legislation to ensure safer screening measures for youth-related organizations. “Over the last few years, children’s mental health has been more front and center in people’s minds, with all of the issues we see kids struggle with these days—bullying, school shootings, divorce, sexual abuse. People see the void that’s existed in the community in being able to help our children. I’ve always been an advocate for mental health. My family faced some particularly difficult issues, and we couldn’t get the help we needed in Southwest Florida. Coincidentally, I had recently met Scott Spiezle and Susan Goldy, the founders of Kids’ Minds Matter. They approached me about co-chairing the Secret Garden Gala, and I did in 2018 and in 2019. I’ve also hosted dinners for the cause and help spread the word any way I can. I know that as a parent,
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