Florida is the only place outside of Oregon where Mad Violets’ wines are available. Brooke Kravetz, general manager of Naples Wine Collection and The Cave Bistro & Wine Bar, feels particularly lucky to stock the brand.


A Passion for Pinot—and Each Other

Mad Violets Wine Co.—a favorite at Naples Wine Collection and its next-door restaurant The Cave—blends love with wine.

A chef by trade, Brooke Kravetz takes a holistic approach to her wine selections. As general manager of two revered wine establishments, she considers the interplay between food and wine, whether at Naples Wine Collection, the thousand-label-strong retail space, or The Cave Bistro & Wine Bar, the neighboring dining enclave modeled after European cellars. Despite the grandeur of the restaurant and shop, it’s not all marquee names on the wine labels. Boutique wineries grace the shelves and are given as much care and attention as their more famous brethren. Mad Violets Wine Co.’s Mantis Reserve Pinot Noir, from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is a recent favorite of Kravetz’s. Along with its elegant fruit notes and lithe structure, it’s hard not to be charmed by the winery’s story, she says.  Vineyard manager Stirling Fox became interested in wine while working as a server in college. He attended Oregon State University, where he studied food science, technology and enology, while moonlighting as a viticulturist. Post-graduation, he managed vineyards for several large wineries, and in 2007 launched his own vineyard management company. Along the way, he was able to purchase a small parcel of land in the Chehalem Mountains, where he planted what is now Mad Violets’ Buttonfield Vineyard. Winemaker Kelly Kidneigh followed a sim
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