Capital Wealth Advisors executive team: Lewis Johnson, President & CEO William Beynon, Joe Moglia, Blaine Ferguson, Kyle Cerminara


Navigating The Market During These Unprecedented Times

Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on the economy. Even after a strong bounce back in the third quarter, it is still well below pre-Covid levels. Our research team believes it will be a difficult, long road to full recovery. Especially during these unprecedented times, it is important to review the following considerations as you make investment decisions. The stock market impact of COVID-19 has been somewhat counter-intuitive, given that almost all of the initial losses have been recouped. We believe that, as long as the government responds appropriately, the worst may be over for the markets for now, albeit not for the economy. However, different sectors are and will continue to respond very differently.  The pandemic has accelerated trends already in place such as working from home, tax flight from high tax areas and the like.  Conversely, it has been very hard on travel, tourism and other leisure activities.  The response and impact have not been uniform throughout the world.  We are seeing more opportunities internationally than we saw before the pandemic.  Covid-19 has certainly been accelerating the process of creative destruction, but our research team believes that change creates opportunity.   We are witnessing what may be the worst political unrest in many generations. What does the election mean for your investments? How are you approaching the markets during what many fear could be a volatile time? We believe an a
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