From the West Indies to Fort Myers

Caloosahatchee views and cool, soothing notes come together in a Jinx McDonald-designed home that exudes timeless grace.

The heart wants what it wants, and for the owner of this West Indies-inspired home, the heart wanted a serene, calm space to serve as the setting for her next chapter. With long water views of Fort Myers’ Caloosahatchee River, the 7,482-square-foot (total), four-bed, six-bathroom home mixes strong Caribbean vibes against contemporary finishes and the open concept design we’ve come to rely on. Taken together, what you have is a residence that exudes grace and style with inviting spaces and a timeless appeal. And, the waterfront setting makes it ideal for making the most of its outdoor spaces.“The homeowner loves being on the water and planned to spend a lot of time outside, so she wanted the outdoor living area to be very comfortable,” Minka McDonald, president of Jinx McDonald Interior Designs, says. That love of water makes its presence known in the interior design, as well. A soft palette of blues, whites and soothing grays provides a sense of relaxation. McDonald and fellow designer Beth Walker-Fenton started with soft gray-toned wood flooring that runs throughout, while most of the home’s walls are a soft, misty blue. The kitchen is a contrast in that it features mostly crisp white full-height cabinetry (from Design Studio by Raymond) and walls offset by a dramatic dark gray island (one of two) and matching custom range hood and ceiling beams. A large pendant light adds soft illumination over the island, which is accompanied by three stools wrapped in b
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