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House Call: Pegan Diet

BY November 23, 2020

“I’ve read about something called the pegan diet, which is said to be a mix of paleo and vegan. What exactly would this diet consist of, and how do I know if this is something that could benefit me? Is it advisable?”


Caroline Cederquist, M.D., founder of Cederquist Medical Wellness Center

The pegan diet, created by Dr. Mark Hyman, is touted to lower inflammation and control blood sugar. It recommends 75% of the diet come from vegetables and fruit. The pegan diet limits legumes and whole grains which are mainstays of the vegan diet but not allowed on the paleo diet. Pegan does not allow dairy or gluten but allows eggs and meat. We see many patients with elevated blood sugar who also have inflammation from food sensitivity. Many of these patients feel better on a meal plan without gluten or dairy and limited grains and legumes. However, other common food sensitivities like egg and soy are allowed on pegan. It is reasonable to try but if symptoms of inflammation continue or blood sugar is not well controlled, working with a physician and dietitian on an individualized-to-you meal plan is key to achieve your health goals while minimizing the amount of food groups limitations.


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