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BY December 18, 2020

“The Blue Zones model tells us spending time outdoors is good for our health. I’ve heard that the ocean, specifically, has incredible physical and mental health benefits. How so?”

–Dwight R., Fort Myers


Deb Logan, Executive Director, Blue Zones Project–SWFL, says:

“There are many benefits to living near the Gulf of Mexico. From a Blue Zones perspective, the Gulf provides a perfect backdrop to practice some key principles that enhance our well-being. For starters, we can move naturally in the water or along the beach. These activities and the beautiful setting are conducive for downshifting, as well.

Often while swimming or walking, we become reflective of our lives, our creativity is stimulated and there is an opportunity to focus on gratitude. This is also true while observing one of our glorious sunsets. As we watch the big red ball drop, the gentle movement of the waves tends to help us relax. Our breathing often slows a bit and many find being in the fresh air surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature relaxing. Of course, it is prudent to avoid too much sun exposure by wearing protective clothing, sunscreen and a hat.”

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Photography by Artur Debat/Getty Images

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