A Cheerful Abode

This Bay Colony home plays with bright hues to create a cheery, hopeful space.

The team behind this Bay Colony home makeover had one concept in mind: hope. Like most in the neighborhood, it was built in the ’90s and sported a decidedly Mediterranean tone: heavy on the moldings, rusts, reds and mustards. It was also cramped thanks to a questionable layout. But a quick peek at its new look shows a space with light, openness and modern elegance, proving that, in design, all things are possible. Sarah and Phil Warren of Nashville bought the home and hired architect Rob Herscoe of Herscoe Hajjar Architects and interior designer Judith Lie- geois to reimagine the original confines in hopes of creating something entirely different. “The house had a very small galley kitchen and a large dining room that we knew wouldn’t work for the Naples lifestyle that we wanted,” Sarah says. “We eliminated those and made one large kitchen area that opened everything up. We just wanted a casual home and for the kitchen to be the center.” The problem was that building restrictions in the neighborhood allowed for very little exterior changes, so the only way to gain more square footag
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