Art of Style

The Stone Age

BY March 1, 2021
(Illustrations by Bil Donovan / Photography by Craig Hildebrand)

Once dismissed, healing crystals and gemstones now grace catwalks and many fine jewelry collections. Said to help clear negative energies and promote positive ones, their powers are not science-backed, but the appeal of these totemic jewels can’t be denied. Welcome to the new stone age.

Dragons symbolize strength, while jade has long been viewed as protective: Consider this cuff the perfect amulet. David Webb Carved Jade Dragon Cuff; Marissa Collections.


People have long believed in the force of crystals as silent protectors. Amethyst—thought to be among the strongest—is referenced as far back as the legend of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Marla Aaron channels its reported mind-clearing, centering energies with these disc earrings that can be matched with different bases. Marla Aaron Amethyst and Diamond Earrings; Shannon Green Collection.


Pink sapphire—tied to resilience—makes a stunning appearance in Fort Myers-based jeweler Mark Loren’s design. Pink Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings; Mark Loren Designs, For fresh starts, people turn to moonstone, the stone of “new beginnings.” Combined with compassion-enhancing pink tourmaline, it’s striking and a solid recipe for a clean slate this spring. Inbar Moonstone Ring; Provident Jewelry.


With this Harry Winston arm candy, citrine may promote motivation and creativity, sapphire comes through as the stone of prosperity and the diamonds may just fill you with fearlessness. Harry Winston Citrine, Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet and Citrine, Sapphire and Diamond Necklace; Maison Yamron.


Watermelon tourmaline mimics the colors of its namesake and is thought to clear emotional blockages. Suzy Landa Watermelon Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings; Shannon Green Collection.


Mark Loren’s one-of-a-kind creations always tell a story. These two stunners speak of the purifying elements of queen conch, spiritual light from the Ethiopian opal, malachite’s fortifying powers and the zest for life rubies are said to enhance. Mark Loren Carved Queen Conch Shell and Ethiopian Opal Accented with Pavé Diamonds Pendant (above) and Faceted Pink Sapphire Bead Necklace with a Carved Malachite, Pink Sapphire, Rubies and Diamonds Pendant (below); Mark Loren Designs.


The designer turns to the cooling, cleansing aquamarine for this treasured trio. Platinum Aqua and Diamond Bracelet, Ring and Pendant (on a 14-karat white gold chain); Maison Yamron.


Aristotle was an avid fan of emeralds and wrote that the gemstone elevates one’s presence and brings victory in various affairs; this David Webb necklace will surely prove his theory true. David Webb Sapphire and Emerald Cascade Necklace; Marissa Collections.


Illustrations by Bil Donovan

Photography by Craig Hildebrand