Schoolhouse Rock

Brooke Meyer of Design West shares how to elevate a homeschool setup.

BY April 1, 2021
Fun furnishings with rounded edges are safer and boost creativity; a colorful home gym helps kids stay active. From left: B Table and B Bench,; Bubble Gum Gym,

While homeschooling has been steadily gaining traction for years, the pandemic made it something every parent needed to get familiar with—fast. Aside from making sure your little ones have a reliable internet connection, the surroundings of their learning space can make a huge difference in how they focus and engage in their remote classes.

For parents continuing with homeschooling or simply allotting space in the home for school work and tutoring, there are many ways to enhance the experience. Brooke Meyer, lead interior designer with Design West and mother of two, is particularly keen on making sure her kids’ curiosity is satisfied. She uses maps of various cities, countries and continents to fuel interest in places they can hope to visit after the pandemic. “My daughter is very interested in that—I show her those maps and photos of places we’ve been so she can explore the world from here,” Meyer says.

The designer also makes kids’ spaces safer by using round-edge tables, plush rugs and low-level storage, so things can be put away without worry. She points out the connection between design and psychology (her minor in college): “Uniquely shaped furniture nurtures the creative side. It helps kids think outside of the box.”

For whimsical and chic furnishings, Rafa Kids designs desks, chairs and other pieces that are on-trend and functional. You can also keep kids engaged in physical activities between lessons with an indoor home gym.

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