Gill’s products aim to fill gaps she identified within the skincare market and can be used in concert with clinical treatments for more advanced results. Photography by Erik Kellar

Healthy Life

Beauty in a Bottle

One of Naples’ most respected plastic surgeons launches a skincare line that uses scientific research and industry know-how to turn back time.

Growing up, Naples plastic surgeon Kiran Gill didn’t have to look far for strong, female role models. Her mother graduated from medical school in India and started her own cardiology practice in the United States while at the same time earning an MBA. This made a big mark on a young Gill, who would accompany her mother to work, waiting in the doctors’ lounge for hours while mom completed her rounds. The treat? The promise of a shopping trip at the end of the day.  Gill still remembers her first visit to the Merle Norman beauty counter. In school, Gill excelled in academics and athletics, as captain of Georgetown University’s Division I women’s volleyball team, while cultivating her long-held interest in beauty. All these experiences coalesced to help her develop into an accomplished and compassionate surgeon, who is now among the region’s most sought-after.  The founder of Aesthetics in Plastic Surgery by Kiran Gill, MD FACS, a boutique practice in Naples that incorporates a spa and an on-site surgical center, Gill is board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery and fellowship-trained at the prestigious The Few Institute in Chicago. She recently launched her own line of medical-grade skincare with a range of five products that directly target anti-aging and one of the top concerns in Florida: sun damage. Her goal: to help women feel confident in their skin by targeting aging in a 360-degree way—from daily maintenance to enhancing treatments.
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