BVLGARI B.Zero1 Diamond Bracelet (Photography by Craig Hildebrand)


Better With Time

With new resale platforms, Marissa Collections and Yamron Jewelers tap into the circular fashion economy and work side-by-side with their most devoted clients.

Here’s a little fashion business news that’s hitting close to home: The vintage, consignment and resale market is booming, and the realities of 2020 only accelerated the trend. We see this on a global scale—luxury consignment site The RealReal, for example, received a record-breaking influx of merch directly from designers—many of whom avoided the topic entirely just a few years ago. Locally, two major players launched their own luxury consignment shops in the past year: Marissa Collections, with its online-based ReVision, and Yamron Jewelers, with its glittering brick-and-mortar La Maison Yamron at Waterside Shops. It’s easy enough to understand why designers have recently warmed up to the idea of selling secondhand. Faced with closed stores and excess inventory, consigning turned out to be a responsible way to clear out their stock and start fresh for 2021. Local retailers follow a similar logic. While in the past, shops and its customers may have balked at the thought of dealing in pre-owned goods, moods are increasingly changing—
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