Through her boutique, which is considered a first of its kind for the region, Cathy Shepardson promotes zero-waste living, which emphasizes buying fewer, better and local products.

Healthy Life

Mindful Matters

Meet Cathy Shepardson, who runs Fort Myers’ zero-waste shop Conscious Space, with eco-friendly wellness, beauty and household goods.

After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2019, Cathy Shepardson sought to put into action the principles she’d learned about sustainable living. That fall, she opened Conscious Space, a Fort Myers shop that embodies her zero-waste philosophy. The boutique—filled with hand-blended bitters and facial serums,  coconut bowls, bamboo home goods  and herbal blends bottled in reusable glass containers—specializes in artisanal and holistic products made with natural ingredients and recycled materials. Her goal: to educate the community and make it easier for others to carry a lighter ecological footprint. We talked with Shepardson about her approach and building a conscientious community.    The Beginning: “After I graduated, I booked a flight to Maui, Hawaii, to work with my friend on an organic tropical permaculture farm, from money I’d saved up from selling coconut bowls and hand-dyed reusable bags that I made. I was there for a month and a half and loved it, but it felt a little like being in retirement already. I wanted to do more for the earth. I had this vision of a creative space, a lounge full of natural materials and things made from the earth
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