A chance call to a casting director won Ben Allen a spot on The Voice and an opportunity to work with an idol of his, fellow country musician Blake Shelton. (Photography by Erik Kellar)

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That Country Sound

Following an appearance on NBC’s The Voice, Estero country music artist Ben Allen plans on playing the long game.

What started as a chance phone call last year led to a nationally televised appearance for country singer Ben Allen, the frontman of the Ben Allen Group and one of the brightest stars in the local music scene currently. In the past, the 43-year-old had applied to go on NBC’s singing competition show The Voice several times, but nothing had come of it. About a year ago, while scrolling through his phone, he came across the number of the show’s casting director, whom he had interacted with during a previous audition. Allen wasn’t sure the casting director would even remember him, let alone be interested in trying out the Estero performer again, but Allen figured he had nothing to lose and made the call. Impressed by the musician’s tenacity, the director encouraged him to audition one more time for the massively popular program. Three days later, Allen found himself in North Carolina trying out for the show. He made the cut and was soon on a plane to Los Angeles to begin filming. “It’s just amazing to be able to carry that whole experience around inside of you,” Allen says. “Wherever you go or whatever stage you go on from that point forward, you’ve got that memory and that confidence of believing in yourself with what you want to do.” The sights and sounds of Hollywood are a far cry from the starting line for Allen, who grew up in rural East Tennessee. As a kid, he participated in choir, but didn’t start taking music seriously until his early 30s. “I
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