(Courtesy Michael Saunders/The Hover Bureau)

Realty Check

Dream Homes

An art-centric, light-filled home in Boca Grande; a Mediterranean revival in Naples; and a dreamy powder room with star power.

Gold Standard Checkered black-and-gray pavers create a sophisticated first impression for the smoky blue, Key West-style home at 16120 Sunset Pines Circle in Boca Grande. An imperial staircase leads to the front doors, appropriately building momentum and blending into the contemporary interior. The original owner, a contractor, built the home in 2005 for his family. “They built the house of their dreams,” Carol Stewart, the listing agent with Michael Saunders & Company, says. Walking through the front door affords a panoramic view of the great room. Six skylights embedded in the 25-foot cathedral ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the contemporary, open-concept space. “The glass is a big draw, both in the front and in that living area,” Stewart says. To balance the natural colors filtering in, the owners opted for polished black granite flooring and stark white walls. Just off to the right, a custom spiral staircase with stainless steel handrails, oak wood treads and a combination of glass and acrylic balustrades, beckons guests up to the second floor. Traditionally, the upstairs of a home is reserved for additional bedrooms off a shared hallway. In this home, the stairs lead to an atrium, with a large opening in the middle that looks onto the great room below. A bridge runs along the walls, creating a gallery-like space that the owners outfitted with artwork they collected over the years. To emphasize the focus on the art, they installed track l
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