Favorite Things

Noir Decor

Moody and mysterious elements add a dose of drama to sun-soaked homes.

To Infinity and Beyond Thanks to Infinito by Marcantonio, we can now rest comfortably (relatively speaking) on a sofa designed for the long haul. It’s three-dimensional art that encourages mingling between seated parties. $20,050; natuzzi.com   Prickly Vessel Dark and spiky, this 11-inch-tall black ceramic vase has just enough edge to make your neighbors think you’re hiding something, and just enough swagger to make them worried. $275; republicofdecor.com   Curve Appeal Famed interior designer Bunny Williams has been around long enough to know how to set just the right mood, no matter the place. And this walnut burl and distressed gold leaf Charles Mirror (36 inches wide by 46.5 inches high) mixes shapes and tones with the right amount of self-reflection. See what you want to see. $1,998; summerfieldsnaples.com   Watch the Throne A one-of-a-kind design by artist Melissa Del Pinto, this functional-art chair features silk flowers, toy figurines and found treasures from shorelines that frame her hand-painted bird in flight on the back. Sitting down in this makes you stand out. $6,500; judithliegeoisdesigns.com   On the Prowl A stalking black panther make all who enter feel frisky. Fortunately, this geometric resin wild cat works beautifully indoors or out, and features the flat-panel design favored by stealth aircraft, meaning that it will remain off the radar until it’s too late. And that’s reason enough to buy on
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