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These classes offer exclusive access, built-in communities and superefficient workouts.

BY September 1, 2021
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GW Pilates Studio, Naples
It’s worth sitting on the waitlist for a few months to score a spot in one of Gina Wyatt’s coveted Pilates classes (you can book packages of five to 60 classes and pick time slots in advance). Clients love Wyatt’s attentive approach to the practice, limiting classes to five participants to allow time to focus on each person’s form. You can also reserve a time to create a private session, with up to five guests, and teens can start their fitness regiments early with workouts aimed at ages 16 to 19.


Pure Skill Fitness, Naples
In-the-know locals rave about this studio, where every guest is greeted by name. Technogym equipment monitors your heart rate and sends results to your phone via an app, which also allows members to compete for prizes like massages or dinners. Workouts range from high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to boxing to sled pushing.


Dream Fit, Fort Myers
The staff here kick wellness up a notch with 45-minute, sweat-inducing HIIT classes tailored to each member’s ability. With a dietitian on staff, the team also offers a nutritional program, with counseling and the option for premade healthy meals that can be picked up or shipped straight to your door.


New World Defense and Fitness, Fort Myers
Go beyond strength and cardio training with this gym’s diverse cast of coaches, who are well-versed in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), boxing and jiu-jitsu—some even have their black belts from the United States Krav Maga Association. The practices converge under one roof with a roster of classes that include martial arts, self-defense and CrossFit training. 


Skylight Yoga & Fitness, Naples
At Skylight, it’s all about balance. Try the YogaBox class, which starts with cardiovascular kickboxing and ends with restorative yoga poses. The studio also offers barre, TRX suspension training and a range of yoga styles including slow flow and faster-paced vinyasa. Classes are limited to 10 participants.


Beyond Motion, Naples
You’ll find athletes (like Minnesota Twins pitcher Devin Smeltzer) at this Naples locale. Run by a bodybuilder and her athletic-trainer husband, the studio is made by athletes for athletes. But don’t worry, you don’t need to have a case full of trophies to train here, the gym also offers Pilates, barre and Olympic lifting.


Fountain Life, Naples
Formerly known as Longevity Performance Centers, the doctor-driven programs here rely on results from MRI and CT scans, blood tests and DNA analysis to craft hyperpersonal wellness plans aimed at preventing illness. Smart equipment uses cloud systems to store your workouts, so you don’t have to rack your own weights (or count your own reps). Members also have access to cold laser therapy on-site to aid in recovery.

With innovative classes, low trainer-to-client ratios and holistic programming, boutique gyms deliver results. (Getty Image)

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