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Whimsical themes delight in this month’s must-have objects.

BY November 1, 2021

High Horse

Former horse trainer Rachael Zaudke Wilkins exalts the majestic creatures with Mare and Foal (22-inches tall). In this clay sculpture, she takes an abstract approach to depicting the animals, which make frequent appearances in her work.

$980; judithliegeoisdesigns.com

Teak Performance

Few things handle the Florida elements quite like teak, which makes the Zuri Outdoor Stool from Four Hands a worthy investment. Go for the weathered grey, ivory or aged natural teak options and expect the grain and coloring to vary.

$349; ids1.com

Wooden It Be Nice

If you were to pick one piece of furniture to designate the transition to full-blown adulthood, it would have to be a buffet. The Madras Buffet features modern lines smudged with a patchwork of primavera veneer, and it’s available in multiple finishes that complement its Luce & Tortoiseshell Acrylic rod pulls.

Price upon request; clivedaniel.com

Sound Bite

If you’re wondering what will be the “it” accessory at next year’s Coachella festival, look no further than the wireless Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker. Inspired by the styling of Louis Vuitton’s Toupie handbag, this testament to excess is an audio and visual tour de force. Turn it on and it goes from potential Millennium Falcon key fob to smart speaker, complete with leather detailing and a synchronized light show.

$2,890; us.louisvuitton.com

Fit To Be Tied

Although it’s absolutely comfortable and features overstuffed leather cushions, you’ll be forgiven for wondering if this rattan accent chair is more of a prop than a perch. Get roped into conversations over this intriguing seating choice.

Price upon request; available at Republic of Decor.

Thought Bubble

Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination—when you purchase the 59-inch-tall Bubble Bobble. Designed by Gino Carollo, the lamp is reminiscent of the bubble room from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” The light features three blown-glass shades on a patinated metal stand.

$8,597; casaitaliaonline.com

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