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Heavy Metal

Mariusz and Justyna Dejcz make strong finishes their business at Luxe Surface Design Studio.

BY February 1, 2022
Mariusz and Justyna Luxe Surface Design Studio
The pair work hand-in-hand, with Mariusz creating the surfaces and Justyna running the business. (Photo by Erik Kellar)

Not many couples can work together and, well, remain a couple. But Justyna and Mariusz Dejcz, owners of Naples-based Luxe Surface Design Studio, credit their professional and personal success to the fact that they have very different strengths. While Justyna takes on all practical matters and runs the showroom at Luxe Surface Design Studio, Mariusz is the artist. The creative grew up watching his father in his woodworking shop in Poland and was surrounded by relatives who toiled as sculptors, painters, artisans, designers and jewelers. “Some people are born with something, and some have to learn it,” Justyna explains. “Mariusz was born with it.”

After moving from Poland to Germany, where he started a home renovation business, Mariusz began looking for other ways to express himself. “He wanted to do something that was brewing inside of him,” Justyna says. That something turned out to be applying unique liquid metal coatings—which Mariusz calls metal skins—to surfaces to craft distinct finishes on everything from backsplashes to oven hoods to accent walls to furniture.

After making a name for themselves and their business in Germany, the couple decided to pack their bags and move across the Atlantic. “We fell in love with Southwest Florida on vacation,” Justyna says. “Naples has the magic.” They opened their showroom and studio in the Naples Design District six years ago. There, Mariusz applies his metal skins on objects of every shape, size and surface, and the finished products are shipped all over the world. He’s spent hours on metal surfaces and panels, producing at least 600 textures in 25 finishes, including brass, gold, bronze and copper.

Meanwhile, Justyna is constantly on the phone, taking meetings or working with homeowners, builders and designers to get the word out about her husband’s abilities. “We can make any texture in any color,” she says proudly. “To be honest, with every project we work on, we make another texture. Everything is customizable.”

Not content to only cover preexisting objects, Mariusz also crafts original items. His three-dimensional panels mix metal with liquid resin for a beautiful wall installation, backsplash or cabinet front. Homeowners and designers also come to him for original art and bespoke furniture under his Nasché Design label. “I don’t know how it comes to him or where it comes from,” Justyna muses. “But he creates all the time.”

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