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Animal Kingdom-inspired Designs

With eye-catching gems, snaking designs and a healthy dose of whimsy, these pieces capture the beauty of the natural world.

BY March 31, 2022
Argyle Pink Diamonds Ring
Covered in pink diamonds from the lauded Argyle mine, the recently shuttered source of most of the world’s pink diamonds, this ring is as magnetic as the cat it emulates. Argyle Pink Diamonds Ring, Gems of Note in The Gold Center (Photo by Bridges Aderhold)

Known for her impeccably tailored white shirts, Anne Fontaine trained as a biologist before launching her eponymous label. She continues to advocate for and celebrate the environment through her nonprofit and with designs like these ladybug cufflinks, which add a touch of whimsy to a buttoned-up look. Brandy Cufflinks, Anne Fontaine at Waterside Shops.


Peacocks represent integrity, nobility, kindness—and they’re said to bring good luck. Channel all those qualities along with the bird’s flamboyant beauty, with this piece. Peacock Necklace, Carolyn’s on Fifth Avenue South.


These Bulgari rings wrap around your fingers with clusters of artfully placed diamonds, accented by black enamel (top) and tourmaline (bottom), set in 18K rose gold. Serpenti Rings, La Maison Yamron at Waterside Shops.


Miniature works of art, Sevan Bıçakçı’s rings merge elements from his native Istanbul, Ottoman history and nature. In these designs, reverse-engraved intaglio scenes of swans and doves seemingly float within faceted gemstones, surrounded by amethysts and white and yellow diamonds. Sevan Bıçakçı’s Carved Doves and Carved Swan Rings, Marissa Collections on Third Street South.


Panthers are distinguished for their elegant, fierce movements, which New York jewelry brand Effy captures with this necklace. Measuring just under 2 inches and covered in diamond and emeralds, the pendant puts the feline’s muscular body on display, exuding strength. Effy Panther Necklace, Provident Jewelry in Naples and Fort Myers.


Drawing from ancient Roman culture, Italian jewelry house Bulgari adopted the serpent as a brand signifier in the 1940s when it released the first Serpenti bracelet watch. The coiled band—which in this style is studded with diamonds—is layered with meaning, reflecting the sinuous animal and the idea of infinity. Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Watch, Yamron Jewelers at Waterside Shops.


Monkey see, monkey do. These earrings channel primates’ playfulness and ingenuity. Bright colors, sculptural designs and deep symbolism are all trademarks of Wendy Yue’s collections, and these are no exception with their 18K gold monkeys, pearl drops and jade roses. Wendy Yue Monkey Earrings, Marissa Collections on Third Street South.

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