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Sensory-Safe Space for Children

BY March 31, 2022
Child on swing at WeRockTheSpectrum The 5,300-square-foot We Rock the Spectrum a sensory-safe space for children
(Photo by Anna Nguyen)

The 5,300-square-foot We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Fort Myers provides a sensory-safe space for children of all abilities to play with toys and equipment that improve neurological development, strength and balance. Padded floors and crash pads make it safe for little ones to run around, hopping between swings that aid with balance, climbing structures for motor planning, and trampolines for kinesthetic awareness. If a child needs a break, they can go into a quiet reading room.

At the core of the gym’s mission is also the idea of fostering inclusion. The equipment is fun for all children, allowing kids with different abilities to interact and learn from each other. Co-owner Colt Green estimates that 90% of groups that visit have at least one child who is on the spectrum, and 80% of kids who play at the gym are neurotypical. We Rock’s motto is emblazoned on the wall and staff T-shirts: “Finally, a place where you never have to say ‘I’m sorry.’”