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Dominic Lacquaniti Debuts a Luxe Shoe Collection

Naples master tailor Dominic Lacquaniti debuts a luxe shoe collection and downtown boutique.

BY September 26, 2022
Dominic Lacquaniti's Luxe Shoe Collection
(Photo by Chris Lake)

“You don’t put hubcaps on a Ferrari,” is one of the wry mantras printed inside the boxes of D. Lacquaniti Bespoke Shoes, a new line from Naples tailor and designer Dominic Lacquaniti. Being immaculately dressed is a head-to-toe affair, and pairing the wrong shoes with a bespoke suit—putting the hubcaps on the proverbial sportscar—detracts from the look. So, during the pandemic, Dominic began designing capsule collections of men’s and women’s shoes, working with a small factory in Spain. “We source small batches of leather that can be hand-dyed and only produce maybe 20 pairs,” he says.

The men’s collection, which debuted in March, includes loafers in rich navy blue and glossy camo print, demonstrating Dominic’s penchant for adding contemporary touches to classic staples. Slated to launch with the November grand opening of his new boutique in Old Naples, the women’s line combines silhouettes evocative of 1960s Sophia Loren. Comfort is a priority, as evident in the buttery suede that lines sky-high heels, perfect for a night of dancing.

Heritage is also key: Dominic embosses a scissors motif—inspired by a pair given to his father in 1968, two years after he arrived in the United States from Calabria, Italy—on the soles of the shoes. “My father was a tailor; my uncle was a shoemaker. My shoes are about my family—where I got my heritage and my passion,” he says.