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From Heirlooms to Modern Keepsakes

In her Naples studio, Amanda Jaron turns heirloom jewels into modern keepsakes.

BY September 26, 2022
A. Jaron Fine Jewelry (Photo by Anna Nguyen)

Since founding A. Jaron Fine Jewelry in 2004, Naples jewelry designer Amanda Jaron has been in high demand for her exuberant, feminine,  oversized bangles, chunky necklaces and coiled snake rings set with emerald eyes. Clients frequently go to Amanda for Bling Overs, in which she redesigns heirloom jewelry to breathe new life into the sentimental pieces. “Everybody in this town has a past,” she says. “They have their mother’s diamond, their aunt’s brooch.”

Each Bling Over starts with colorful, precise sketches for the design. She’ll text clients photos of potential designs or invite them to her Bayshore Drive studio to see the progress and peruse a wall covered in sketches of past pieces. Recently, she rearranged stones from mismatched stud earrings into small, floral vignettes, then attached the miniature bouquets to a pair of gold hoops. She might melt down bits of gold and transform them into a sculptural filigree ring or pluck stones from old wedding bands to adorn a cuff. 

Often, her pieces celebrate major milestones, including engagements and weddings, Amanda says: “The pieces are priceless in the sentimentality and energy they possess.”   

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