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Libation Inspiration

BY September 26, 2022
(Photography by Anna Nguyen)

Signature cocktails are the adorning jewels of your event. We tapped bartenders at Naples’ The Vine Room—which is known for its theatrical pours—to share creative ideas for reimagining your drinks with gorgeous presentations and Floridian flavors.


Citrus Foamed Paloma Milk Punch

Milk clarification—a centuries-old process in which proteins in milk bind to particles in a cocktail, rendering it clear—creates quaffable optical illusions. (Mix your acidic cocktail with milk so it curdles, then filter until the liquid runs clear.) The technique also softens boozy flavors and reveals a silky finish. For this paloma, the clarified base of citrus, tequila, Aperol and simple syrup is topped with grapefruit foam, which slowly seeps into the glass, staining the cocktail pink as it’s sipped.

Citrus foamed paloma milk punch
Cocktail developed by Teddy Halmi (Photo by Anna Nguyen)


Coconut Negroni

Coconut can add a smooth tropical spin to many spirit-forward drinks. The classic Negroni, for instance, fares well when infused with multiple versions of the fruit: coconut fat-washed gin (mix melted oil with gin in a jar, let stand for a few hours, freeze overnight, strain the flavored spirit), coconut rum, coconut water and aging for at least 24 hours in a fresh coconut. For an artistic finish, The Vine Room team suggests brushing the glass with a bold stripe of edible white paint and pouring the Negroni over a rose ice sphere.

Coconut Negroni
Cocktail developed by Cesar Acero (Photo by Anna Nguyen)


The Dragon’s Lantern

Start a multi-course dinner with something light. Microsized cocktails, like this Icelandic vodka, dragonfruit and sparkling rosé libation, keep guests from overindulging. Other low-ABV sippers—such as the French 75, Aperol spritz or Bellini—also look darling when presented in dainty cordial glasses. Amplify the impact of a tiny drink by swapping the standard lime wheel for a more whimsical garnish, like a thin slice of dehydrated dragonfruit or a feather clipped to the rim.

The Dragon’s Lantern
Cocktail developed by Máté Laurinyecz (Photo by Anna Nguyen)

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