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From The Editor: After The Storm

BY September 30, 2022

We awoke yesterday to the aftermath of one of the most powerful storms to ever hit Southwest Florida. Because we know the character of our people and the love we all share for this community, we know we will build back strong. Like we’ve done before, our community will bind together, each lend a hand where we can, and support our local businesses with gusto to ensure our region quickly rebounds. We’re already seeing many examples of this: neighbors going door-to-door to check on each other; people with power opening their doors to others; evacuated locals preparing to fly back in with supplies and helping hands; and public officials, first-responders and nonprofits mobilizing to reach those who need them quickly. We are continuously humbled by the genuine generosity and heart this community has for each other. 

The effects of the storm are still being calculated, and there are some invaluable things we’ll never recover. But, our Gulfshore Strong community will persevere. 

Many members of our staff are without power or cell connection. But over the next few days, we will do our best to gather and share valuable resources to help you navigate the aftermath of the storm. 

If you have information on any of the following, please email

  • Resources (free food stations, open gas stations, grocery stores, propane services, water sources, shelters)

  • Recovery efforts (fundraisers, drives, events) 

  • Heroes (people who deserve to be recognized for their contributions before, during and after the storm) 

In the meantime, keep an eye on each other, check on your neighbors, give where you can, and be proud to live in Southwest Florida, a region that’s Gulfshore Strong

Stephanie Granada, Editor in Chief 

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