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‘Athlounge’ Wear By Naples-Based Brand KOUII

We’re loving Naples’ Taylor Smith’s “athlounge” brand, perfect for the active Southwest Florida lifestyle.

BY October 1, 2022
Naples-based KOUII brand
(Photo Courtesy KOUII/Luminaire Foto)

Naples-based Taylor Smith trademarked the term “athlounge” for her brand, KOUII (pronounced ‘koi,’ like the fish). “Athleisure you only wear to the gym and loungewear you only wear at home. KOUII is a combination of both; you can wear it anywhere and everywhere you want to go,” she says. She’s earned a large following (more than 15,000 followers on Instagram) for her versatile sets and accessories since launching her online shop in late 2019. 

Each collection reflects a mindset. “It is meant to represent growth—hence the plant emoji we always use—tranquility and power,” Taylor says. The acid wash Adaptation collection is inspired by the idea of finding beauty in flaws. The spring collection, Mālie, touches on energy flow and balance with opposing shades, such as dusty mauve and golden mustard. Taylor plays with swatches to find the perfect shades for mixing and matching, gravitating toward “neutral offset colors that are soft with powerful tones to create depth.” 

The sets are made from nylon, cotton, spandex or a blend of the three and hug in all the right places, with thick fabric to conceal unwanted lines and folds. Modern silhouettes—like the one-shoulder sports bra from the recently launched Quyéa collection—add interest without losing functionality. On social media, Taylor, and her brand ambassadors, show ways to dress the sets up with button-ups, kimonos or heeled sandals. Consider this brand your new daywear staple. 

KOUII crossbody bags
Taylor recently added cross-body bags to the lineup, with 13 colors to pair with KOUII’s coordinating sets. (Photo Courtesy KOUII/Luminaire Foto)

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