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Off-White Palette’s Minimalist World

Off-White Palette debuts in Fort Myers as a destination for luxury minimalism

BY October 1, 2022
(Photography Courtesy Off-White Palette)

When Nioby Trivett and her sister, Niza Westphalen, hatched a plan to launch a home brand, they wanted to create a destination for the luxe homewares they adored. “We wanted to cultivate clarity in design,” Nioby says about their minimalist aesthetic.

While neither had experience in home retail, the sisters suspected there was an audience for high-end materials, simple silhouettes and a monochromatic palette. Nioby had spent her career in real estate and was the longtime author of an eponymous lifestyle blog. They knew there was a hunger for marble-clad, cream-toned interiors. Both women also had extensive personal experience renovating and decorating their residences (Nioby has remodeled three homes and Niza has tackled four). The homes serve as the backdrops for Off-White Palette’s photography.

The sisters debuted Off-White Palette in the fall of 2020 as an online retailer with six products, including their signature Stone Candle. The initial collection, with its clean and organic vibe, hit a note: Three months’ worth of inventory sold out immediately. The sisters began to source more products in their signature muted color scheme, including marble side and whitewashed oak coffee tables. They expanded their offerings to include upholstered furniture, like gracefully curved sofas and side chairs, with the occasional contrasting dark woods or stone. Beyond its lack of bright color, a hallmark of the Off-White Palette look is the handhewn quality and natural materials, particularly marble and stone.

As Off-White Palette matured, the sisters craved a deeper connection to their customers. When a downtown retail space became available in Fort Myers, they jumped on the chance to open an experiential showroom, similar to the ones run by brands like RH and Kathy Kuo Home, which blur the line between retail and hospitality. The space, which opened in September, doesn’t have assertive salespeople. “We don’t want it to feel stuffy,” Nioby says. “We want you to walk in and feel inspired.” You can peruse at leisure, grab a coffee and even schedule a blowout (Niza and Nioby share the space with their brother, Tariq Castillo, who runs a salon there). Purchases are made through the brand’s website via iPads, though some small accessories are available to buy on the spot.

New pieces debut quarterly, and customers are likely to find furnishings and objects they won’t find anywhere else, as Off-White Palette has forged direct relationships with artisans outside of the usual wholesale markets. “We love finding a little hidden gem,” Nioby says. 

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