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Vibe Yoga’s Mission For Veterans

Fort Myers resident Lindsay Smith of Vibe Yoga goes above and beyond for those who have or are serving their community and country.

BY November 1, 2022
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When Lindsay Smith and her family returned to Fort Myers after 10 months away on her husband’s military orders, she found the studio where she used to teach—and many others—was closed due to the pandemic. So, in May 2021, she opened her 1,500-square-foot studio, Vibe Yoga in Fort Myers, to offer classes, including prenatal, kids, chair, power, restorative and stand-up paddleboard yoga. 

After 22 years of being a military spouse, Lindsay is most passionate about her trauma-sensitive, free, Warriors at Ease classes, which can help first responders and veterans mitigate PTSD and the effects of traumatic brain injuries, through classes with modified movements and guided meditation.     

Lindsay has also expanded her efforts beyond the mat to offer healing opportunities. She and her husband host free, family trivia nights for veteran families at their 7-acre Buckingham property. In January, the couple plans to host fully funded, week-long retreats at the farm, where attendees can practice yoga, interact with barn animals and enjoy cookouts. Lindsay, who also teaches free classes at National Alliance on Mental Illness Collier County and at local high schools, seeks to break stereotypes of what the practice really is: “Yoga is not just picturesque poses; it’s incorporating the mind, body, breath and soul. When we get onto the mat or chair, it’s extremely emotional,” she says. “My job is to serve them … the ones that are used to serving.” 

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