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Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang’s Organic Selects

Designer and Developer Kelli Fontana Vogelgesang of West Bay Homes Shares Her Global Inspiration

BY December 1, 2022
Fendi Roma Daybed

We’re tapping local design pros to share their favorite products from around the world. This Naples-based creative director shares decor with a natural and organic feel.


Natural Woven Rattan Hanging Bed

Let your worries dissipate as you hop onto this swinging rattan lounger from The Well Appointed House. The piece allows you to take an instant vacation, Kelli says. Reminiscent of Bali’s swings, this hand-woven rendition stretches 70 inches wide, perfect for swaying under a banyan tree or a breezy spot among your stylish alfresco spaces.


Fendi Roma Daybed

This geometric Fendi daybed is designed for expert-level lounging. “A chaise lounge adds such an inviting touch,” Kelli says. “The rounded curves and playful asymmetry add timeless post-mod appeal.” Luxuriously soft and banded with brass details, the piece is done in collaboration with the Milan-based, avant-garde design group and furnituremaker Dimorestudio. The chaise is an update on Dimore’s design for Fendi Palazzo Privé, the brand’s VIP suite—an opulent, ‘70s-inspired, design-lovers paradise at its flagship in Rome. [Pictured at top of story]


Kingdom Chandelier

Kelli is a big fan of lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. “Her material usage range and combinations, scale choices, and the organic multi-directional shapes impress a freedom that we could all use a good dose of,” Kelli says. She was delighted to come across this collaboration between Lindsey and Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn. Their 61-bulb Kingdom Chandelier is modeled after the burro’s tail succulent, with plump bulbs draped in a perfect arc—a reflection of our modern-day yearning for sleek elegance and the imperfect beauty of nature.


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