Add glamour to your home with sophisticated, mirrored furnishings

These reflective furnishings and objects give your space major style points.

BY December 20, 2022

Moving Mountains

The term ‘divide and conquer’ was probably front and center in the mind of designer Sebastian Errazuriz when he created what might be the world’s coolest room divider for his Reflection collection. The polished bronze piece bounces light while providing privacy from the rest of the room with an ethereal presence. sebastian.studio

(Courtesy Sebastian Errazuriz)



High Horse

If it takes a team of wild horses to get you to sit down and get to work, we have the perfect desk for you: Hudson Furniture’s limited-edition Palomino Desk, by designer Barlas Baylar, reflects strength and speed. At 114-inches wide, the desk commands attention. If you can see yourself behind this gleaming, galloping beauty, the only stablemate you’ll need is a comfortable chair and a firm grip on the reins. hudsonfurnitureinc.com

(Courtesy Hudson Furniture)


Golden Child

Tom Dixon took one of furniture design’s most basic units and made it ultra-luxe. The MASS collection features polished ‘planks’ made of solid extruded brass with a steel subframe. You’ll know they mean business whenever you attempt to move one of the pieces—the 415-pound dining table requires a small army to lift. The collection features two dining tables, a console, a bookshelf and a coat rack. Though the pieces come waxed, they will develop a nice patina over time. tomdixon.net

(Courtesy Tom Dixon)


True to Form

When you want your furniture to be a gleaming silver beacon that reflects more than just your good taste, this Silhouette de la Garonne console table (part of the Versailles Collection by METHOD & CONCEPT’s Chad Jensen) has your name written all over it. Made of gold mirror-polished stainless steel and solid mirror-polished aluminum, it juxtaposes clean, sharp edges with a large organic cutout, creating a dynamic use of solid surfaces and voids. A keen eye will recognize the outline of French sculptor Antoine Coysevox’s 20th-century bronze piece Le Fleuve la Garonne. Shine on. methodandconcept.com



Out of this World

Though it looks like it belongs in a dining room on Mars, the Paramount Sideboard from Cattelan Italia descends from the mind of industrial designer Andrea Lucatello. With its convex mirrored glass doors, you can keep an eye on everything that happens within its view. There are several finishes (from glossy white to matte graphite), but we think the mirrored effect in smoked gray or bronze brings out its best side. casaitaliaonline.com

(Courtesy Casa Italia)

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