Shop this curated collection of nature-inspired objects to get biophilic design into your home

Often, the finest decor is influenced by the natural world around us.

BY December 20, 2022


Collectible design darling and Copenhagen native Mathias Bengtsson melds technology and biology to push the boundaries of design, with his 3D printed, free-flowing tables and chairs. His biomorphic Growth table, made of American walnut, mimics a tree’s root system. After he hand-sketches and creates a clay model of the design, the London-based designer uses software his team developed to simulate the process of a plant seed whose DNA is coded to grow in the shape of a table. Also available in bronze. mathiasbengtsson.com

(Photo Courtesy Mathias Bengtsson/Oak Taylor-Smith)



Soak it up, buttercup—cheery energy radiates from the pineapple-colored Bloom Easy Armchair. Made to resemble a flower, the seat is plush with its Italian microfiber fabric and hundreds of hand-stitched folds radiating from the center. clivedaniel.com

(Photo Courtesy Craig Hildebrand)



At nearly 8-feet tall, the stately Black Sculpture #1, from Cocoon Gallery in Naples, is part of an underground root system from Java, Indonesia. After the wood was excavated, Cocoon’s Mitchell Siegel worked with local craftsmen to mark and carve a portion of the roots, which was then transported to Southwest Florida and kiln-dried, sanded and char-burned at Siegel’s Naples Design District woodworking shop. Set on a steel base, the piece physically brings the outdoors in. cocoongallery.com

(Photo Courtesy Craig Hildebrand)



Naples-based, self-taught assemblage artist Ran Adler takes a meditative and organic approach to his craft. For some of his installations, Adler gathers fallen mahogany pods, which he drills holes into and connects with hemp to create woven marvels. His Mahogany Pod pieces can hang on toe ties to resemble tapestries, though they also look lovely draped over chairs. ranadler.com

(Photo Courtesy Craig Hildebrand)



Naples-based craftsman Mariusz Dejcz, of Naples’ Luxe Surface Design Studio, evokes an oceanic abyss and faraway islands in his The Bahamas table. The liquid metal and resin surface’s gradient ranges from cobalt to midnight, while the sturdy, liquid metal base is reminiscent of a striated tree trunk. At 200 pounds, the hefty piece makes a steadfast fixture. luxesurfacedesignstudio.com

(Photo Courtesy Craig Hildebrand)



Catalan designer Jordi Ribaudí drapes a strip of Sicilian buffalo over spruce wood to create the fluid, sculptural Atribut chair. Born of his experimentations with leather, the furnishing showcases Ribaudí’s knack for striking design that requires minimal manipulation and creates little waste. ribaudi.com

(Photo Courtesy Estudi Ribaudí)

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