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The Next Wave of Mexican Contemporary Design

As Collier County's season-long ¡Arte Viva! celebrates Hispanic arts and culture, we delve into Mexico's contemporary artisan talent.

BY December 20, 2022
(Courtesy EWE Studio/Pablo Da Ronco)

Light Show

Mexico City-based EWE Studio recontextualizes historical objects into contemporary statements with limited-edition works. For the Magma Light series, masons handcarve molds into volcanic stone, which can handle the heat of blown glass. The hammered brass and acid-finished stone create the illusion of bubbles. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind orb of ethereal illumination. thefutureperfect.com

[Pictured Above]


Pattern Play

Danish native Trine Ellitsgaard moved to Oaxaca 35 years ago and weaves influences of Zapotec culture into her Agave Collection of rugs, produced exclusively for New York-based Blackman Cruz gallery. Each is handmade from Espadín agave fiber (upcycled from waste produced by the mezcal industry) and hand-dyed with plant pigments. Ellitsgaard’s collection amplifies the impact the booming liquor industry has on the fragile ecosystem. blackmancruz.com

(Courtesy Blackman Cruz)


Outer Space

Based in Mexico City, Studio David Pompa specializes in minimalistic lighting with a big impact. The black Meta Parallel collection uses volcanic rock Recinto—used by Mesoamerican cultures for thousands of years. The tension between the smooth, black-coated aluminum and the porous stone creates a sculptural, streamlined statement. davidpompa.com

Courtesy Studio David Pompa


Stone Age

Mike Diaz, a furniture maker and polymath, is influenced by Italian and Spanish Baroque, Art Deco, Japanese minimalism and traditional Mexican architecture. The Mexico City artist’s Pedregal Console features weathered, black volcanic rock carved into sculptural legs, nodding to Mesoamerican motifs, and patchwork leather skin to soften the angular design. His imaginative pieces are handcrafted in Michoacán and Guerrero. blackmancruz.com

(Courtesy Blackman Cruz)


Trickle Down

When Angela Damman moved to Yucatán, she was struck by the textiles produced by local artisans, who use age-old techniques and fibers made from native henequen and snake plants. An entrepreneur with a sustainable sensibility, she experiments with new ways to use the materials while preserving the craft and supporting the maker community. Ascension of 13 shines a light on the beauty of handspun fiber. angeladamman.com

(Courtesy Angela Damman/Alejandro Gutierrez)


Story Time

Andrés Guitiérrez, from Mexico City’s A-G Studio, channels his artistic design talents into his furniture line Los Trece Cielos. Pieces include solid white oak furnishings inspired by pre-Columbian mythology. The design and name of his Tlaloc Wine Cabinet is a nod to the Aztec god of rain and water. With its handcrafted marquetry and 40-inch-depth, it’s a functional piece that adds panache. andresg.mx

(Courtesy Galerie Philia)

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