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Naples Candlemaker Brings Cheeky Wit to Scents We Love

Eli Jackson pours heart and soul into her candles, wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers.

BY February 1, 2023
ImJusMe101 Candles and Diffusers
(Courtesy ImJusMe101/Payton Keim)

Cereal Killer. Don’t Be a Salty Beach. Matcha Ya’ Mouth. Talk Dir-Tea To Me.

We love Eli Jackson’s tongue-in-cheek titles for her handmade candles, wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers. (Check out the Bold & Petty collection for racy labels like Pot Head or You’re Like Really Hard to Shop For that can be filled with any of her custom blends.) We’re especially hooked by the artfully subtle scent combinations she creates, with blended notes, like the fresh and warm green tea, lemongrass, warm milk, honey and matcha leaves combo in Matcha Ya’ Mouth. “The title comes from my grandmother. She taught me the power of words,” Eli says. “Before she passed away, she always told me, ‘Watcha’ ya’ mouth, and be careful what you say.’”

Eli launched ImJusMe101 from her Naples home in 2018 and worked for two years to perfect a line of scents that aren’t overly strong or headache-inducing. “I try to create cleaner versions of classic scents,” she says. The chiropractor’s office assistant uses essential oils to balance the perfume-grade scents.

She researched the best waxes, perfumes, essential oils and wicks to create a complete olfactory experience. Her line includes reed diffuser sticks with delicate, floral and fruity oils; scented wax cubes, made from excess material (they melt beautifully into the Edison bulb-heated warmers she stocks); and chic, slow-burning candles that crackle in the quiet hours. “The wooden wicks give that third dimension to the ambiance. It’s multi-sensory. It’s similar to a fireplace, and that’s very therapeutic, especially for anxiety,” Eli says.

Mental health is a driving factor for the brand. The name, ImJusMe101, hints at Eli’s lifelong struggle with imposter syndrome and serves as a daily reminder to simply be herself. It’s a lesson she hopes translates through her products, which she sells online, as well as in Fort Myers’ Local Honey boutique and at beauty salon TB lashes.brows.beauty in Naples. 

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