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Naples Interior Designer Frank Ponterio has a Flair for Artisanal Wares that Stand the Test of Time

Frank Ponterio curates artisan-centric, effortlessly chic objects for the modern Southwest Florida home.

BY March 1, 2023
Frank Ponterio
Naples Interior Designer Frank Ponterio (Courtesy Frank Ponterio/Katrina Wittcamp)

Each issue, we tap local aesthetes to share their favorite global design finds. This month, Frank Ponterio offers his knack for laid-back sophistication. His influence stretches from his homebase of Chicago to Naples, where he recently relocated from Third Street South and opened a showroom in Naples Design District’s The Collective. First-generation Italian-American designer, Frank Ponterio, has an eye for architecture and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, leading to styles that are elegant, easy and endlessly appealing.


(Courtesy Eric Gushee)

Exhalation Sculpture 

Otherworldly, powerful, delicate—all describe Chicago artist Eric Gushee’s Exhalation series. As you move through the room, wires seem to shift, leaping from their frame and mesmerizing the viewer. The sculpture instantly caught Frank’s attention. “Gushee’s works reflect architectural design as well as natural and social sciences,” he says. Drawing on traditional fiber art techniques and biomimicry, Eric creates sculptures that echo the complex, repetitive systems found in nature. The result is a breath of fresh air, with industrial undertones and an ultimately ethereal quality.



(Courtesy Laura Kirar)

Guernica Lounge Chair

For those looking to repose in style and spark commentary, the Guernica Lounge Chair—by New York designer Laura Kirar, known for her Mexican-inspired furnishings and objects—is a comfortable conversation piece. “With its leather fringe and honeycomb caning, this dramatic lounge chair makes a statement in any room,” Frank says. It takes one artisan several weeks to craft the piece, with 3,500 handmade holes for the leather fringe. “I love the craftsmanship displayed in each knot, stitch and detail,” he adds.



(Courtesy BB For Reschio)

Timeless Coffee Table

Like a remnant of a bygone era, this coffee table’s 54-inch bronze and brass top sits on an ebonized steel base. The top steps down three levels before reaching the open center, giving the illusion of movement. “The simple yet complex nature drew my attention,” Frank says. “The patinated bronze top provides a wonderful natural living finish that is unique to every piece. This is one of those pieces that will age well in any space.”


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