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Freestyle Interiors’ Ana Oates’ Sumptuous Design Selects

Clean, expressive lines pull in natural elements and a timeless quality.

BY April 1, 2023
Galerie Glustin Bench

If you like clean, expressive lines that perfectly blend sophistication with warmth and freshness, you probably already know Freestyle Interiors’ lead designer, Ana Oates. Forward-thinking without losing touch with the basics, Ana’s repertoire pulls in natural elements, sleek lines and a timeless quality that leaves us fully appreciating her favorite pieces. 

Galerie Glustin Bench

Sitting needn’t be boring—especially when you lounge aboard this wonderfully textured bench wrapped in a bouclette Dedar fabric. The sumptuous, looped fabric continues down the wide legs, adding an extra dose of coziness and whimsy.

Conceived by third-generation Parisian antique dealers Karine and Virginie Glustin, the piece showcases the designers’ knack for European antiques and decorative arts. “I love the asymmetrical curved back of this bench,” Ana says. 


Lake Doiran Mirror 2 by Aqua Gallery

Ana is drawn to the “unique sculptural forms of drama with pleated silk crafted by true artisans” in this interdimensional mirror. Israeli designer, Albi Serfaty of Aqua Gallery, often comments on environmental conservation through his work. With the Lake Doiran Mirror, he references the shrinking size of the namesake freshwater lake between North Macedonia and Greece. The hand-crushed silk shades (available in 16 colors) resemble the diminishing shape of the lake, while the mirrored backdrop beckons us to reflect on the fate of our waterways. “A true conversation piece,” Ana says.



BANG III by Markus Haase for Todd Merrill Studio

If you have an entryway begging for attention, you’d be wise to consider this powerful console by designer Markus Haase. The sculptor utilizes wood as a fluid substance in this furnishing that appears muscular and delicate thanks to its proportions. “The movement in the wood carving and marble is stunning,” Ana says. The American black walnut and Bardiglio marble piece is wall-mounted and outfitted with a storage drawer for optimal function.



Piegatto Corozo Dining Table

It almost doesn’t matter what you’re serving guests when the meal lands on this stunning work of art from Guatemala-based design studio Piegatto. “I love the base,” Ana says. “Elegance and sexiness all in one—a gorgeous dramatic statement.” Who could argue? The wooden foundation of birch and spruce was designed to resemble the Corozo plant, a religiously significant plant in Guatemala. Its shape sturdily props the tempered glass top and seems to cup the surrounding air, creating a tempting perch for your cat.


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