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This Naples Salt Cave Offers Peace, Quiet and Healing

At Praha Spa and Salt in Naples, owner Oksana Acosta curates a space with 20 tons of salt in a cave, where meditations and yoga practices offer peace, quiet and healing.

BY April 1, 2023
Praha Spa and Salt Naples Salt Cave
(Photo by Christina Bankson)

Entering the salt cave at Praha Spa & Salt in North Naples is like stepping onto a cool, dimly lit beach. Only, as we unfurl our yoga mats and settle into ardha padmasana (half lotus, palms upturned on crossed legs) instead of sand, we find a shore of loose salt beneath us. Salt—20 tons of it—is everywhere. 

In 2021, Owner Oksana Acosta launched her wellness center, dubbed in honor of the Czech name for Prague, where Oksana spent much of her life. Since then, the spa has become a go-to for its spiritual spa offerings, like reiki, massage and harp therapy—a massage-like treatment delivered through musical vibrations—along with aesthetic services, including botox, waxing and mud masks.

Through their salt cave, the team offers halotherapy (or salt therapy), a practice with ideas that date back to the 1800s when a physician found that workers in Polish salt mines had fewer breathing issues than the general population. Halotherapy reproduces the natural conditions found in salt mines, so guests can breathe the salty air and reap its touted benefits. Though a slate of perks is promised—from clearer skin to improved sleep—the practice is most recognized for addressing respiratory illnesses, like asthma, allergies and sinus infections.   

You can always book a time slot at Praha to simply lounge in their salt cave or marry it with more services. The Saturday-morning Salt Life yoga classes aim to amplify the healing and antibacterial properties of the Himalayan pink salt through focused breathwork (they have kids’ classes, too). Shoes, phones and water bottles are stored in lockers just outside the cave, and all guests wear hair nets to minimize impurities in the sanctuary.

A colleague and I stopped by Praha’s salt cave this December for an hour-long yoga class, where instructor Shannon O’Connor guided us through an intimate, all-levels flow focused on breathing and meditation. With every breath, I draw in surprisingly cool air that sends goosebumps up my arms. The uneven sand helps me dig deeper into my foundation as I grapple for stability with each inhale and exhale. I expect to break into a sweat but don’t, and the glow of the cave leaves me heavy-lidded at the end, as if waking up from a restful dream.

At the beginning of our session, Shannon tells us: “Change your breath, change your world.” By the end of the class, I can feel the transformation take place. With looser muscles, eased minds and a dusting of sandy salt, we emerge from the cave renewed, refreshed and recharged. 

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