Hot Wheels

A poetic ode to Southwest Florida’s love of cars

With new Lamborghini and Porsche dealerships on the horizon, weekly car meet-ups, a world-class automobile festival and supercars on every road, it's clear that SWFL is for car lovers.

BY May 1, 2023
Blue Porsche
(Photo by Erik Kellar)

Writer Michael Korb pens a love letter to our region’s motorhead culture:


Shall I compare thee to the brash Countach?

From the Lamborghini Naples brand new,

Or a Ferrari Spider paid in cash;

Stuck on 41, hurling words of blue.


Buy a car condo to be safe and sound.

Though Cars & Coffee will find you bested,

True fanatics are Revs Institute bound.

But Miles digs those who are Sebring or Daytona tested.


For in our land of sunshine and beaches,

Where Bentleys grow and G-Wagons rise,

Our Cars on 5th taste it doth teaches;

Fort Myers’ Porsche is growing four times its size.


We do love our rides from boot to bonnet,

As proven by this car lovers’ sonnet.   

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