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Naples-Made, Algae-Powered Foam Rollers

Naples-based Oceanfoam's eco-conscious foam rollers and mats are made from algae for a sustainable workout experience.

BY June 28, 2024
Courtesy Oceanfoam

Naples-based Oceanfoam knows a healthy body and healthy planet go hand-in-hand. The brand debuted with a line of stylish, sturdy and sustainably made foam rollers with a signature, wave-ridged design that contours to your musculoskeletal system. “It gives you the tension you need to really dig in there,” says founder Zachary Quinn.

Zachary uses algae to create his collection of fitness gear, which now includes rollers in 30-plus colors, yoga mats and, soon, pool noodles and fishing rod holders. Algae blooms—which wreak havoc on water bodies—can be harvested, dried out and turned into naturally sourced foam that is more durable and softer than most plastic-based products on the market—all while cleaning up the waterways.

In his aim to go carbon-neutral with the venture (he plans to get there by 2025), the Minnesotan-turned-Neopolitan connected with Bloom—the Mississippi-based algae manufacturing pioneer. Beyond creating environmentally friendly gear, Zachary plans to host local cleanup events around the state. “[I want to get] people involved in these events and [see] stuff happen locally in their communities,” he says.

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