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6 Ways to Relieve Your Stress in April

April is National Stress Awareness Month—as if we weren't aware of stress before.

We all feel stress at some point, and, typically, we're pretty aware of it. So, take a minute to actually do something about it. De-stressing can be as simple as a 15-minute mindfulness break, or it can be as fun as a special yoga trip. Here are six ways to chill out this month. 

Get acquainted with mindfulness: If you're not aware, mindfulness is a way of living in the moment that can help you feel better both mentally and physically. Take a class at a place like Integrative Mindfulness in Bonita Springs. 

Declare bedtime a no-stress zone: Get in the habit of relaxing before bed. Stress only keeps you awake—which makes you tired and stressed out the next day. Here are three tips on how to fall asleep more quickly. 

Take 15: As in, take 15 minutes to be by yourself. That's all it takes to start to feel better.  

Head to a yoga class: Thankfully, Southwest Florida has plenty. There is Donation Yoga, Yoga on Tap, Sunset Yoga, Family Yoga ... even goat yoga—if that's something that seems relaxing to you. 

Get lost in nature: Take a hike. (That's not an insult but rather a courteous recommendation.) Here are some great spots to go hiking locally.  

Volunteer: It's shown that helping others actually boosts your mood and lowers your stress. Southwest Florida offers up plenty of opportunities to volunteer

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