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Southwest Florida's Interior Designers Choose Their Favorite Rooms

Seven elite decorators tell the stories behind the interiors they’re proudest of.

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Kira Krümm, principal designer of Koastal Design Group, says master bedrooms are her favorite rooms to design.

“The bedroom is a place where we relax and get away,” Krümm says. “It’s our own little personal oasis and sanctuary. To me, it’s a very special romantic space where you can recharge and relax. From a creative standpoint, it’s a very personal, private space, so when my clients hire me to design their bedroom I consider it a real honor.”

One of the reasons she loves focusing her design energies on the master bedroom is her deep appreciation for textiles.

“I especially love designing bedding,” Krümm says. “In the master bedroom, there is opportunity for creativity with what I call casual bedding. People want an ensemble that is livable, that they can sleep with and enjoy. That’s why I created my Koastal Kollection line that specializes in livable luxury bedding. Our sheets are made out of wood pulp, which is not only very soft but a sustainable material. Typically, when people shop for bed sheets they want the highest thread count they can find, but in Southwest Florida we need a lower thread count. A thread count of 400 or higher is going to be too heavy and won’t breathe as well as a 200- to 400-count.”

In designing the master bedroom for this Marco Island home, Krümm drew on her own professional design philosophies.

“I think a bedroom should be very yin,” Krümm says. “A serene, peaceful, quiet place. In this master bedroom, as with most bedrooms I design, the color scheme is neutral and calming. There’s an earthy organic texture in the oak wood flooring, and the rugs are woven with leather and jute. There’s a beautiful texture in the wall covering with its metallic backing and a raffia overlay. It’s very pretty and has a reflective quality but with also an organic texture.”

And her biggest inspiration? The natural world of the Gulfshore.

“I always make sure that I pull inspiration from outdoor surroundings—from the sky, from the sea, from the sand. That’s why people are here. They love the beach and the sunshine and the beautiful blue sky. It makes sense.”

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