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Southwest Florida's Interior Designers Choose Their Favorite Rooms

Seven elite decorators tell the stories behind the interiors they’re proudest of.

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Dwayne Bergmann of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors selected the kitchen area from a home in Gulf Harbor.

“I picked this as my favorite because it combines light, dark and a serene backdrop of sea salt. It has a mix of materials—high-gloss white pulls, exposed cut-rock backsplash, stainless steel and glass doors—but it’s not busy. It’s very calming; it’s very quiet. It’s simple yet luxurious.”

The design request came from a recently widowed client who had purchased the home with her former husband. It was decorated in a traditional Mediterranean/Tuscan style. 

“They had the typical polished travertine, the arched columns, heavy drapery, faux marble, vines—the whole nine yards,” Bergmann says. 

The client told him, “I don’t feel like my home is where I belong after my husband passed. I need a calmer living environment that feels like home.”

She wanted an open floor plan so that she could see the water from the front of the house to the back, and in place of the old Mediterranean style she requested a calm, quiet space with a touch of modern. With that directive in mind, Bergmann chose a sea salt gray for the walls and a neutral for the wood tile on the floor. He mixed in dark tiger wood with a high gloss, white polished stainless and glass cabinetry, and an accent color of soft violet.

“To this day I visit her frequently,” Bergmann says, “and every time I walk in, it makes you want to exhale and relax. It’s something about the sea salt with the lavender, light violets and creams, that gives that effect.”

One of the redesigned kitchen’s most notable features is a large marble slab specifically for making pasta.

“In addition to ‘serene and comfortable,’” Bergmann says, “the client told me, ‘My Italian background requires me to pursue the art of making fresh pasta. My only requirement is that I have a slab of marble that my friends can sit around, and we can have a bottle of wine and I can roll my noodles out.’”

It took a crane to bring the marble slab into the house, but the client makes sure she puts it to good use.

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