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Mind Your Breath … and Prosper

How the hot new mindfulness movement helped this writer and can give you a boost, too.
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Health + Fitness

Just Make It to 105

A new study suggests we're possibly underestimating how long humans can live.

Why Food Poisoning Continues to Spread

Wash your hands, people.

The Scientific Reason Behind Man’s Best Friend

Why are dogs and humans so compatible? The reason goes back centuries.

A New Level of Home Workout

Home gyms are starting to look a lot like health clubs.

Marriage is Good for the Heart

Why do married people have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than singles?

A Good Reason to Stay Inside

The Southwest Florida heat may be slowing you down mentally.

Hangry: It's a Real Thing

Hungry plus angry equals bad times.

How to Slow Down Life

Feels like time flies, doesn’t it? Actually, it doesn’t have to.

Lower Your Stress—with a Shot

A day when you could get a stress shot, not unlike a flu shot, could be soon.

The Best Running Shoes Are ...

The ones that least resemble shoes.

Is It Time to Get a Sleep Divorce?

Sleeping in separate rooms may be great for your marriage.

How Long Does It Take to Get Happy?

Just 10 minutes of exercise can work wonders.
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