Growing Up Gulfshore

See our kids through the lens of perceptive photographer Michelle Tricca.

Tricca worked with the sea breeze to capture candid images of Mia Manaloto with her daughters Colette, 4, and Zoe, 7, at 32nd Avenue South after the family moved to Naples from Pennsylvania.


Matthew Iannitelli of Chicago, 8, has a laugh with his 5-year-old adopted brother from China, Michael Wan De Iannitelli, in Sugden Park during a visit to their grandmother in Naples.


"The most important thing I gain from photographing children is the reminder to live in the moment. They’re not worried about the future or what happened yesterday, or an hour ago."—Michelle Tricca


Unaware Tricca was shooting, 5-year-old Maddy Honea listens to Tricca tell her a story during a portrait shoot at one of Tricca’s favorite rustic locations, off Bayshore Drive in Naples.

Tricca is “Auntie Shell” to her muse and “love of my life,” 2-year-old niece Niki Anne Tricca, and Niki Anne’s twin brother, Ryan. “I love watching them grow and documenting their lives,” Tricca says.





Friends Emily Parry, Hunter Di Maria and Zoe Manaloto (from left), all age 7, enjoy a summer Saturday in the sunshine by Zoe’s backyard pool.


During a holiday card shoot at sunset on 33rd Avenue South, Connor Elliot, 5, reacts to his sand Christmas trees being wiped away by an unexpected wave.


"I’m capturing reactions, emotions. Their free-spirited carefree nature, curiosity and imagination make them great subjects."—Michelle Tricca


Mother Samara gives a confidence boost to her daughter, Khyra, during a shoot of Khyra’s first time in the sea. The swelling surf frightened the 5-year-old, but she got back out there with a little hand-holding and courage.