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Men & Women of the Year

Meet nine dynamic people we honor for their major contributions to our community.

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Terry & Bob Edwards



Ten years ago, Terry Edwards moved to Naples to work as gallery director for Eckert Fine Art. Bob Edwards was on her list of gallery contacts to touch base with, so she called and asked him to stop by.

“It took about eight minutes,” Bob says. “The normal drive is 10.”

Let’s just say the couple have made as great an impression on the community as Terry made on Bob. The parents of three have wowed us with their extensive fine art collection—plus, Bob serves on the board of Artis—Naples and Venice’s Peggy Guggenheim Collection—and even more so with their contributions to local organizations. Besides chairing the 2013 Naples Winter Wine Festival (Bob: “It was a wonderful thing to have been the wine festival chair, and it’s a wonderful thing to see somebody else be the wine festival chair.”), the two support The Baker Museum and The Shelter for Abused Women & Children, among others.

Different career path: Her—Our interest in the arts and also my interest in travel are going to be combined in something I’m planning on doing next, which is a floral importing business and design. Him—I think I would have liked to have been an artist or an art dealer in an alternate life. How to improve Southwest Florida: Her—More activities for kids outside of school that will help them learn and keep them safe. Him—Summer air-conditioning outdoors. Subject they won’t discuss at cocktail parties: Her—Religion. I enjoy politics. Him—The goodbyes. I hate the goodbyes. People might not know: Her—I’m a serial reader of mysteries and crime novels. I read probably five a week. Him—Many of them (she reads) are dark whodunits, murder-related, so I’ve been very concerned. If anything ever happens to me, I want a full autopsy. Best advice for balance: Her—Give up sleep. Him—I’m not sure balance is perfect. It seems like people do wonderful things when they get very concentrated on something in life. Favorite piece of art they own: Her—I would say the Jim Dine heart we got married in front of. Him—The most recent one.

—Cayla Stanley


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