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July 2012


Sale on

It’s summer time, and that means it’s sale time in Southwest Florida. While there are some great deals to be done, a bargain is only a bargain when it’s something you’d have wanted or considered buying at its original price. So here are some of my sale shopping tips: Mirrors do not lie. (Really, they don’t.) Make sure you’re in good lighting and can see your back view when trying on your bargain. If it doesn’t fit you in the shop, it won’t fit you when you get it home either. Remember to check the store’s return policy regarding sale items; it may differ significantly from their standard terms. Things are in a sale for a reason. It might simply be that last season’s stock has to go to make room for the new, but it could also be something didn’t sell...

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Time on your hands

As one of the most functional everyday items, it’s surprising that many of us stick to wearing just one favorite timepiece, rather than viewing a wristwatch in the same way as other accessories: as something to be changed out depending on the outfit or the occasion. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense to have a wardrobe of watches, especially if your treasured watch is an heirloom. (After all, white water rafting in your grandfather’s timepiece may not be the best treatment for it.) Current watch trends (for men and women) include: Two-tone metals: perfect for every day and a great choice if you like to mix your jewelry metals to create more options. Bold brights: Made in durable materials, these functional and practical watches are available in a...

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A Shorts Story

Nantucket navy/red plaid shorts and True Religion Camo shorts at Nordstrom In the U.S. and Europe, short trousers were usually only worn by boys—rarely by adult men, other than sportsmen. That all changed during World War II when soldiers deployed in tropical locations were provided with “shorts” as an essential part of their kit. Since then, they’ve been a staple in a man’s casual summer wardrobe and a year round choice in Southwest Florida. Here’s a few short tips for choosing yours: If your legs are on the thin side, go for a pair of shorts with a slimmer cut. Anything too loose or too wide will result in excess fabric flapping around your lean limbs like sails around a mast. The aim is to keep your silhouette long and lean, but if you’re hesitant as to how...

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