Love That Dress, Lee County 2018

Hosted at the Embassy Suites by Hilton to benefit PACE Center for Girls, Lee County
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Marriage is Good for the Heart

Why do married people have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than singles?

2018-19 Southwest Florida Nonprofit Guide

Your guide to more than 330 worthy causes in Naples, Fort Myers and the rest of Southwest Florida.
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Southwest Florida Social Calendar 2018-19

Social Scene

Room at the Top Women’s Forum

Gulfshore Life and its partners, Artis—Naples and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, hosted a women's leadership forum Aug. 22.
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A Good Reason to Stay Inside

The Southwest Florida heat may be slowing you down mentally.
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Hangry: It’s a Real Thing

Hungry plus angry equals bad times.
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How to Slow Down Life

Feels like time flies, doesn’t it? Actually, it doesn’t have to.
Just Behave

Just Behave: Don’t Bug Me

Our etiquette expert answers your questions.
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Lower Your Stress—with a Shot

A day when you could get a stress shot, not unlike a flu shot, could be soon.
Feel Good

The Best Running Shoes Are …

The ones that least resemble shoes.
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Is It Time to Get a Sleep Divorce?

Sleeping in separate rooms may be great for your marriage.
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How Long Does It Take to Get Happy?

Just 10 minutes of exercise can work wonders.
Just Behave

Just Behave: Get the Message

Our etiquette expert answers your questions.
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Wine Without the After-Effects?

A hangover-free future may be on the horizon.

Top Doctors 2018

Gulfshore Life's annual Top Doctors event hosted by Venue Naples
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Say No to Snoozing

The snooze button is doing you no favors.